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With a passion for simple, elegant design, we've created a collection of everyday homewares, designed to be loved for life.

Our pieces are timeless, long-lasting and purposeful. We've gathered goods from around the globe, handcrafted by artisans using time-honored skills and quality natural materials.

Each piece tells a unique story, infused with beauty, love and diligence.

We are about responsibility

We inspire conscious choices

Making conscious choices when buying for your home involves transparency. Where does a product comes from, who made it, were they failrly paid, how it was made, with what materials?

As consumers, the more mindful we are of these aspects, together with an intention to buy durable pieces that last a lifetime, the more we positively impact the world, the environment and the human rights of others.

We celebrate beauty

The founder

Jane Powell

Australian native and USA-based owner, Jane Powell, established Shoppe Six as a natural progression to her love of simple, elegant design and a life-long passion for travel; having explored people, places, food, cultures and handmade pieces from around the globe for the past 35 years.

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